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Products and Services

We develop novel process-monitoring systems for industrial application based on our high-speed dielectric sensing technology. We provide measurement service and consulting in related areas of dielectric research including:

  • High-frequency process sensing and millimeter-scale fault detection.

  • Broadband complex permittivity and impedance analysis to 12 GHz.

  • Microwave cavity characterization in low-loss materials to 18 GHz.

  • Custom microwave cavity manufacture and sales.

  • TDR and microwave cavity acquisition and analysis software.

  • General polymer characterization including DSC and FTIR.

Our consulting draws on our unique combination of high-frequency physics and polymer chemistry geared to industrial application. Our experience includes customers in the following industries:

  • Aerospace composites.

  • Building materials.

  • Concrete construction.

  • Electronics characterization.

  • Electrostatic imaging.

  • Oil exploration.

  • Pharmaceutical.

  • Wireless characterization

  • University and Government

Our TDR systems are adaptable to different levels of sophistication, providing molecular dynamics information for laboratory research or simplified feedback and control signals for field implementation.


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